When To Call The Lawn Doctor

Tired of trying everything to get your lawn looking good while you jealously eye your neighbor's lush and neatly trimmed lawn? It's time to call the lawn doctor to diagnose the problem and provide you with a tailored treatment plan.

Our team of qualified employees at the Giving Tree can diagnose a variety of different issues from our years of experience in caring for and maintaining lawns in Hamden, CT and the surrounding areas. We don't just offer a solution to the problem but provide you with a tailored package and our Custom Lawn Care Program. For those who require a little additional lawn care, the Deluxe Lawn Care Program is simply perfect.

Our services include:

1. Reseeding

The Giving Tree offers core aeration (with seed) as well as drill seeding for thinning or sparse lawns that just don't seem to want to thrive. The aeration technique manually removes soil plugs and gently deposits them on top of the lawn. This is ideal to rejuvenate aged lawns or add substance to grass that has become trampled in high traffic areas.

the lawn doctor2. Fungus Treatment And Control

Fungicide is used to eliminate pesky fungus' that prevent your lawn from tapping into the nutrients, water and sunlight it needs to flourish.

3. Weed Treatment And Elimination

Weed control is essential for lawns that have been overrun with weeds and pulling them out at the root is no longer an option. Weeds also sap essential nutrients and water from the soil preventing optimal lawn growth. Chemical treatments are used to eliminate the weeds forever without harming the grass in any way.

4. Pest And Insect Management And Control

Insecticides are necessary to manage and control pests that could be damaging the root and leaf system of your lawn. It is however important to keep in mind that some insects are integral to providing nutrients to the soil and aerating the ground and are beneficial to your lawn. Long term insecticide treatments are therefore not recommended and will be discontinued once the pest that is affecting your lawn negatively has been eliminated.

lawn doctor5. Mole Deterrents and Eradication

There is nothing quite like some mole hills to ruin an otherwise good looking lawn. We start by eliminating the bugs and grubs that moles feed on and then move on to trapping if the first line of offence is ineffective. As a last resort, the lawn doctor will prescribe poison to eliminate the moles and remove them.

6. Full Lawn Renovations

When a lawn has reached the point of no return, it may be best to let it go and opt to start from scratch. The Giving Tree provides a Full Lawn Renovation package that will establish a new lawn in place of the old and ensure that it takes root and flourishes.

Our Custom Lawn Care Program takes care of your lawn year round, focusing on seasonal applications of our custom blended fertilizers and treatments for optimal growth, color, vigor and lushness. Weed and insect control are integrated into the 5 step application process.

Our Deluxe Lawn Care option provides you with 6 custom lawn care applications throughout the year as well as insect, weed, fungus and mole control. In addition, your lawn will receive the core aeration procedure and a limestone application in order to balance the pH level of the soil for optimal lawn growth.

Over and above the lawn doctor and treatment options, The Giving Tree offers additional yard and gardening service such as landscaping, bed weed control and limestone applications to ensure that the rest of your yard lives up to the beauty of your newly renovated lawn.

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