Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs can really transform an outdoor space into something special. In fact, gardens and outdoor living areas which do not have such natural additions can lack a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and contentment.

That being said, enjoying trees and shrubs in your garden and actually taking care of them are two very different things. Perhaps you have already learned this fact from your own personal experience. While some trees and shrubs are low maintenance, others require regular care if they are really going to reach their potential.

In the busy world that we live in, most of us have hectic schedules and very little time to designate to areas such as our garden. Unfortunately, this can lead to an outdoor living space which lacks inspiration, care, and appeal. Is this starting to sound a lot like your current situation? If it is, you do not need to despair. Our tree and shrub service will allow you and your outdoor space to truly thrive.

Of course, we know that all landscapes are different. In fact, every plant is different, even those that are of the same family. This means that for a garden to truly reach its potential it needs to have a specific program of care and maintenance. This program will be designed to enhance your landscape and ensure that the trees and shrubs which currently adorn it are well protected. This is the type of program which we specifically design for each and every one of our clients. It is a unique program which is planned and tweaked so that it will deliver on the needs of your outdoor space.

For ornamental trees and shrubs, we cannot stress enough the importance of scheduled feeding. Without such a structure of feeding in place, these plants can suffer from poor health and even lose their will to live; not exactly what you have in mind for your grande we are thinking. Our scheduled feeding program will ensure that all ornamental trees and shrubs in your outdoor space are able to reach their full potential of health and vegetation.

Of course, for trees and shrubs to thrive they need to be protected from insects and disease. Each of this can cause havoc in your garden and can even jeopardize the life of your plants. Different plants will benefit from different modes and methods of protection. In fact, giving the wrong type of protection to a plant can actually do a lot more harm than good.

We combine fertilization with insect and disease control to ensure that your plants get all of the protection that they need. We understand that different areas, different times of the year and environmental changes can affect the type of dangers and challenges that your plants face. Hence, we design a program that will care for your specific landscape and ensure that it has all that it needs to thrive.

Needless to say, gardening and landscape maintenance requires expertise, knowledge, and passion. Having an outdoor space that looks inviting, attractive and relaxing does not come about by chance. It requires the eye, actions, and planning of a specialist to really flourish.

Our trained specialists are well aware of this and are determined to put their heart, mind, and soul into your landscape. They use their skills, abilities and knowledge to create a landscape that you can be very proud to call your own. Couple this with a real passion for nature and beauty and you will find yourself with a helping hand that can make a real difference.

Our range of professional services includes a plan to provide complete maintenance of trees and shrubs. In addition, we can work to improve the outdoor area that you have and make inspiring and innovative recommendations. Our highly trained staff are ready and waiting to create a customized program that is perfect for your needs.

You can make contact with us to discuss any of our programs whether your interest lies in fertilization and root healthcare, management to protect against insects and disease, tick control, weed control or anti-desiccant spray.

We want you to love you outdoor space and to have the desire to spend every spare moment you have aking the ost of it. We know that you lead a hectic life and that gardening can be the last thing you have on your mind after a long day. That is why we want to create a customized program to ensure that your garden reaches its full potential.

We are committed to pouring our knowledge, expertise, experience and passion into your garden. Give us the pleasure of working along with your needs to create a place that really feels like home. Trust us, what we can do for your outdoor space will make the effort very well worthwhile.

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