Sprinkler systems come in various forms and with various functionalities. We are a company that give special care and attention to your irrigation system and lawn and ensure that the system works at optimum performance all year round and for many more thereafter.

Our attention to detail far exceeds the rest in the field. Our design standards, high quality workmanship, vast knowledge of cutting edge smart technology, honesty and reliability sets them apart of the rest if I do say so myself.

We offer maintenance services that will ensure your system runs smoothly regardless of whether or not We did the original installation but just as well, the longevity of your sprinkler system depends a great deal on the contractor who installs it. On offer, aside from the sprinkler repair services offered are tune-ups for the summer, fall and spring and rain sensor maintenance for conservation of water.

Scheduled service times are during the ordinary business days that are Monday to Friday from 7am to the close of business hours at 5pm for any appointments scheduled. Saturday service calls are on the occasional also available and every service technician is especially trained to handle all issues of irrigation design and repair.

We have been installing, servicing and maintaining sprinkler services in some of the best looking lawns in neighborhoods throughout the new haven country and outlying areas with unquestionable reputation for superb personalized service and attention to detail.

With our sprinkler and lawn care services you as a customer stand to benefit from a program that is specifically designed to enhance and protect your beautifully manicured lawn. We provide a combination of different services including the sprinkler servicing such as weed control, insect care and fertilization treatment designed to address each and every issue concerned with lawn care and protection.

We will have a look at some of the services that are provided by Giving tree Inc. Company. For starters, for spring turn-ons, a technician will be responsible for starting up of the system inside and out, setting and cleaning the sprinkler heads to ensure we reach our proper coverage and advice on any plumbing leaks or damage sustained during winter periods.

He will also check the entire system for any hidden damage, readjust or do the initial controller set-up and do a thorough inspection of the rain sensors and check that our calibration is optimal.

Secondly for winterizations, a called technician will shut off and lock out all water, empty the entire system of water using high volume air compressors and eject water from the installed sprinkler system to ensure no freezing will take place in the system pipes throughout the winter and also inspect the system and repair any problems found before the harsh winter conditions prevail and cause more damage.

And switch the sprinkler service controller off. Aside from these winter repairs, we offer discounts on replacements of any spare parts needed from our entire franchise be it wires, controllers, sensors, pipes, ball valves, gauges and sprinkler heads etcetera during or after a maintenance exercise.

The sprinkler service system is a water operational system and as such certain factors such as rust have to be taken into consideration. On optimum usage with water passing through the pipes on a daily basis year in year out, the pipes will begin to show signs of corrosion and rusting which may block the passage way with impurities and because blocking of the entire system of induce leakages in the pipes.

A device called Rid- O- Dust device is used to tackle this problem. This device is a sort of pump, basically an injection pump that is installed in one of the pipes at a central location or closer to the source that it may reach the entire system.

It injects a concentrate of type phosphate that coats the particles of iron oxide in the pipes preventing them from further oxidization or from turning brown which further ensures the pipes remain good ass new with our shiny silver or black color. This Rid- O- Dust injection system pumps a solution that was previously mixed in a dedicated holding tank using an injection fitting which is situated on the pump and directed to the solenoid valves and then out through the sprinkler heads.

All this is in the Giving tree Inc. 2018 mission to provide efficient, high quality solutions for lawn sprinkler services. In a nut shell, we are the leader in the use of the latest technology by providing highly energy and water efficient systems and offer a complete line of top of the range irrigation services for your home or office place every day's needs in any and every weather and climate.

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