The Benefits of a Sprinkler System by Giving Tree

The Benefits of a Sprinkler
System by Giving Tree

Water is what makes the big difference between the scrubby desert vistas of the wilderness and the lush greenery and plant life you want for your backyard. No matter where you live it is hard to predict when the rain will fall and if your plants are getting sufficient water.

This is where a carefully designed sprinkler system can keep your lawn and garden properly watered without costing you a penny more than necessary.

sprinklersAt Giving Tree in Hampton, CT, we have extensive experience in providing tailor-made gardening solutions to homeowners in this area. We know how to provide you with solutions that will make your lawn and garden the envy of the neighborhood.

Depending on the specifics of your garden, we will set up an irrigation system that waters all greenery as needed. We will also show you how to setup a bespoke watering schedule that suits the lawn you have and tell you all about the best hours for watering.

Our cutting-edge systems have been used on some of the most attractive gardens in the area and it is due to some special benefits provided by the garden and lawn pros at Giving Tree.

Improved Lawns and Gardens

Just like your body needs water to absorb the nutrients from foods, expel wastes and grow strong and healthy, your garden will suffer if not given enough moisture. Your lawn will take great care and investments of time and cash to properly install, and the right sprinkler system can improve the returns in beauty and quality.

No matter how you choose to water your garden, a consistent plan for proper irrigation is essential to the health and growth of your plants. In drier areas rainfall can be inconsistent and irregular watering can affect the water levels of your soil. If watering is not uniform and consistent, it is easy to allow some area of the garden to get more water than others for a variety of reasons. This can make your lawn exhibit irregular shades of green and remove the appeal of uniform uniqueness.

A carefully setup sprinkler system will address all corners of the lawn equally without wasting water on areas that don’t need it.

Other Lawn Improvements

In addition to a lawn that is kept healthy and green through improved irrigation, there are some other important advantages to having your garden maintained by a specially designed sprinkler system by Giving Tree.

sprinklerDust Control -- in hot and dry regions and in the cities and suburbs, dust can be quite an issue. This is where the right sprinkler can keep the airborne dust particles bound to the ground and improve the quality of the air.

Sequestration of Carbon -- carbon is an important element for the growth of plants and a sprinkler system helps to bind these nutrient into the ground where they can do the plants some good. Improving the carbon content of the soil means your lawn will be thicker and greener from the nutrients.

Precision Water Dispensing -- there is no sense in having your lawn care automated if you can’t take full advantage of digital precision and mechanical efficiency. Tailor made irrigation systems by Giving Tree provide these very advantages and can keep you from having to fuss over your gardens proper moisture.

Increased Home Value

If you are thinking of selling home eventually, the beauty and presentation of your lawn is of utmost importance. A beautiful lawn improves the value of the home and can allow you to collect higher bids at an auction. This also relieves the time you will need to invest in keeping the home looking its best.

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