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Spring Start up!

As a Customer of The Giving Tree your start up includes:

Turning on water supply: We will send you a letter and call you ahead of time letting you know we will be arrivng at your property for the spring Start-Up, to have your water supply on to the Sprinkler System. If you need a Appoitment one will be scheduled with the office. This also would be a great time to let us know if you would like improvements made in areas where plants have grown / matured. We will provide an assessment and make recommendations for those improvements. 


Checking Backflow device: We will pressurize the backflow and all lines, then check system for any leaks. 


Walk threw: We will go threw the entire system zone bye zone and check all heads for proper adjustment, replace any broken heads, fix any breaks / leaks. We will remove any debris / grass build up from around the head for proper coverage and rotation 


Setting you controller: We will set your controller up for proper efficient watering for the current time of season.(please note: these settings will have to change as the weather gets warmer or cooler) 


The Giving Tree, Inc

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