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FAQ'S about Sprinkler Systems

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What are the advantages of a Automatic Sprinkler System?

When Installed by The Giving Tree, there are many advantages; to list a couple are:

* A healthier, more beautiful lawn with less time and effort.

* Freedom from dragging around and cluttering your yard with hoses

* Even watering of the landscape on a automatic schedule

* Saves, Time, Money and Effort


How much will a lawn Sprinkler System Cost?

It is very difficult to give an exact price with out meeting you on your property to go over your needs. There is a few things that can affect the cost of a Sprinkler System. Please CONTACT US for a Free Estimate!


How long will it take to Install a Sprinkler System?

Usually The Giving Tree can install an average yard in only one day


Will installing a Sprinkler System destroy my yard or flower beds?

NO! We use a state of the art machine called a vibratory plow. It allows for no trenching. The machine just leaves a slit in the ground, and when we are finished with the clean up process you can't tell we were even there.


Which Product will you be using for my Sprinkler System, and which is the best?

We are a preferred HUNTER contractor, but will install any other major brand like Toro, Rainbird, Irritrol, and Netafim tubing that you would Prefer. All major brands offer great products, and we just prefer the HUNTER products. Most times it isn't the product used, its the quality used to install the product!


Is there a lot of maintenance owning a Sprinkler System?

No, Here in Connecticut the most important would be the Fall Winterization to make sure it dosen't freeze during the winter months, and the Spring Opening to insure proper, water efficient watering.


I see my neighbors system running when it's raining, will my system do the same?

No, When you choose The Giving Tree to install your Sprinkler System, we include a Rain Sensor which will shut down the system in the event of rain so you can water Efficiently!


How can I be assured that I am getting a quality Sprinkler System?

A "quality" Sprinkler System is one that fits your needs and budget. The system will water only targeted areas for a predetermined amount of time and have no water waste, also the quality of workmanship installing the System. That's what you will receive when choosing The Giving Tree for your Sprinkler System needs.