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The Giving Tree Installation -Here's How We Work 

1. CONTACT US for a free Quote. We will schedule an appoitmnet with you and meet you on your property to go over your concerns, watering needs, property boundries etc.


2. Once everything is looked over and we have a signed contract we will then contact Call Before You Dig (as required by law) to mark all underground utilities.( Note: private utilities will not be marked by CBYD, example, dog fence, shed power, pool power etc) All Private utilities will be marked by The Giving Tree on the day of the Installation.


3. Once all utilities are marked we will then begin to install the pipe, all fittings, heads, valves, and controller.


4. We will need to have access to your basement for the main water supply. We will need to shut this off roughly for 1 hour as we make our dedicated supply line tap for the Sprinkler System so it can be shut off during the winter months. This line will follow to the outside of your home where the Backflow device will be installed. This device is also required by law, as it prevents the sprinkler supply water from re-entering your house water.


5. After all components are installed, we will then tamp, rake and overseed all lines and connections that were dug up during the Installation process.   All trash is picked up and the concrete and pavement surfaces will be swept / blown off.


6. The water will be turned on leading to the Sprinkler System, checking for any leaks. We will then go zone by zone and adjust all heads for the proper coverage.


7. The Job Foreman will then proceed to a complete walk through of the entire system. We will demonstarte the controller, and show you how to set it up for watering efficiently for the current time of season. We will show you how to adjust the Sprinkler Heads if you ever wanted to do them yourself, and go over the Rain Sensor and how it works.


8. After the installation, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office or contcat us and we will be glad to help.                                                                                                                              

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